How to Choose an Engagement Ring



With the proposal to the person to whom you will be united in marriage, it is a common tradition to give an engagement ring.  It symbolizes man’s pledge to all who sees that girl wearing it – that she is already taken for marriage.  This ring is usually worn on the third finger on the left hand of the girl up until the wedding, then worn subsequently after marriage on the forth finger and above the wedding ring.


However, when it comes to purchasing custom made rings, the process can be overwhelming.  Before buying an engagement ring, men need to consider many things and choose from among different styles of rings available.  But the decisive point of the final choice is always gleaned on how much your budget is and then from there, the rest of those other things would follow.


So let’s start with how a budget is apportioned when it comes to this betrothal item.  The engagement ring is composed of three components with varying treatments and values.  These three components are the cut, the carat, and the precious metal when the gem is mount.  When we take about the cut of stone, most people confuse is with how the stone is shaped like an oval, pear, princess, and others.  But it is actually the measure of its symmetry, proportion and polish.  Carats and karats has variant usages, when used to measure diamond or a precious gem.  IN measuring weight, carat is used similar to ounces and grams with the biggest carat being the heaviest, and where 1 karat is approximately 0.007 ounces.  When measuring the purity of gold, karat is used.  One karat is 1/24 of the mass, so a 24 karat gold is pure gold.  An 18 karat gold means 18/24 (or  3/4 ) gold and 6/24 (or  1/4 ) of other metals that has been combined to it.  Although diamonds are the most common of engagement rings, you do not actually have to stick to it since there are other gemstones that can make a perfect engagement ring.  Clear diamonds and gemstones have more sparkle if their size is small and if it is large then it is less clear. Learn more about engagement rings at


The other things mentioned above includes style – or the way the ring is designed.  There are numerous styles or collections that one can choose from, like solitaire or a single precious stone, vintage or those single precious stone with heirloom-inspired metal engravings.  There are engagement rings with single precious stones with accent stones around the band.  Split shanks are another style where shank is pulled apart or bands are arranged in a number of ways to give a more sophisticated appearance.


Or you might want to go for Antique rings or rings which are generally more than 100-year-old.  You can also get a 20 year old vintage utah jewelers engagement ring taken from any period.


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